The Province of Siena covers a vast portion of land that spans from central Tuscany to the southern regional borders with Umbria and Lazio, thus offering a matchless landscape variety. From the hills of Chianti to the forests of Val di Merse, through the lunar landscapes of Crete Senesi, this land constantly reveals the millennial footprint of man, while remaining largely uncontaminated at the same time: a savage land, tamed gently and respectfully over the centuries. Val D’Elsa, with jewels such as Colle and San Gimignano, Val di Chiana with the gorgeous Montepulciano, the unbeatable Pienza and Val D’Orcia, or even the castle of Monteriggioni will tell you tales of a diverse territory, full of history, art and landscapes among the best in the world. Should this statement sound a bit exaggerated, then consider that Italy proudly claims to be the nation hosting the highest number of places recognised as Human Heritage with 49  UNESCO sites; in turn, 7 sites make Tuscany the Region with most UNESCO sites in Italy.  Well, four sites out of those seven are in the Province of Siena! (Siena, Pienza, San Gimignano and Val D’Orcia). Indeed, this land is a unique compendium of beauty.



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