Visiting Siena during the Palio days is a unique experience that could definitely make you fall in love with the city. The population has a strong feeling for the event. Belonging to a Contrada is a genuine faith, not just the reenactment of a distant past. It is a sentiment deeply rooted over the centuries and extremely present at the same time. As such, it is worth emphasizing that around July 2 and August 16 the city seems catapulted into another era, full of traditions: do not try to convince yourself to be still in Italy in the 21st century, you would be mistaken. However, if you will enjoy this experience with the respect and curiosity required when approaching a truly different culture, the city and its people will share their unique emotions with you. Immerse yourself in colors and sounds. Surround yourself with flags, drums and hymns, the songs of the people of each Contrada. Follow them as they march through the streets escorting their “barbero”, the horse assigned to each Contrada by lottery. The best option is to stay for a few days, watching the trial races held twice a day before the Palio. Feel the tension rising until the day of the race, which should be experienced in its entirety, possibly from inside the square, and witness the colorful historic pageant that precedes the Palio. The square is freely accessible and it is certainly the most authentic way to experience this one-of-a-kind celebration. For those aiming to a proper seat on the bleachers, it would be wise to book well in advance and be prepared to spend considerable sums. The management of Numero12 Design Accommodations will be happy to introduce you to the atmosphere of the festival in the best possible way.